• Speak IT, Do IT!

    to help immobility users to have a convenient lifestyle

  • Project Description


    Based on interviews we gathered.

    We interviewed several immobility users and found out that there were a few problems faced at home. This is due to certain illnesses that causes immobility.

    How Might We?

    Based on insights gathered, how might we create a device to help the users control their electrical appliances with minimum movement.



    Our objective is to help the users to have a convenient home lifestyle. Hence, we came up with Speak IT, Do IT!

  • Our Idea!

    Here is what we came up with.


    Voice Recognition

    The voice recognition device, which will be called BeCaFa, helps to control the switches to the electrical appliances. How does it work? The user has to call out a statement, for example: "BeCaFa, please help to on the switch to my pc." The signal will then be sent to the relay.


    Relay, Arduino, ESP8266

    A relay, arduino and ESP8266 that are connected with each other and will be installed in the 3-pin plug. It will send signals from the transmitter to the receiver, which is the electrical appliances at home.


    3-pin plug

    The 3-pin plug which will be the connector to the power socket and the electrical appliance. It will receive signals from the relay and then will control the switch of the appliance.

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